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Professional copying done by a gigging professional musician and copyist 

(so you can trust it's done right..)

how it started..

The value of good musical penmanship was instilled in me as I studied and took exams in music theory and musicianship from the age of 8 as well as studying classical piano. As an adult playing composed & improvised music and often coming across music that was hard to read due to poor notation, I started professionally copying and transcribing music initially by hand in 1995 & in 1996 started using computer notation programs.

In 2002, I started using the music notation program Sibelius exclusively & have done work ranging from lead sheets for singers to scoring and parts for full orchestras, large ensembles and big bands with clients from all over the world. 

Tommy Newsom (sax player & arranger from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson) gave me valuable pointers about copying etiquette, and based on his advice, you will find that I am not just a copyist, but a valuable proofreader as well.


why you need this..

Do musicians complain that your charts are hard to read?
Need parts for your big band score, or even an orchestral piece?
Do you need help transposing some charts into another key? 
Want a tune transcribed so you can play it with your band?
Maybe you have a recording coming up and need well written scores and parts?
Need larger than letter size parts for a longer piece? 
I can help with any and all of that!

and WHAT gets DOne!

I work from any type of music form - transcribe from audio files, transpose from PDFs, format the score and parts of your Sib score ready for printing, basically we can transform your old charts into charts that are very legible, intelligently laid out and proofed so mistakes are at a minimum. 

Font and house style options - 
Click on the music copying examples below. As you can see, there are many different fonts and options you can choose from. They will be tailored to how you would personally like your music to look - ranging from a traditional classical look to a handwritten jazz look with your choice of mixing fonts too. 

Vocal Lead Sheet - Handwritten jazz style

Vocal Lead Sheet - Classical Style
Instrumental Lead Sheet - Classical style
Big Band scoreOrchestral scoreOrchestral partPiano part,
Early MusicGospel / Choir

Printing options -

If you would like PDFs only, they can be easily emailed to you, in any size so you can print parts yourself. For hard copies, unusual size pages are no problem using

a large format laser printer on premises. If you would like a PDFs as well, that can be included.​ The sizes of paper available are 8.5"x 11" (Letter size), 

9"x 12" (Concert size), 9.5"x 12.5" (Part size) and 11" x 17" for large scores. 10"x 13" paper can also be custom cut. Ivory 67lb cover stock weight paper is used. Ivory has less glare than white paper to read under stage lights and the heavier weight paper helps your parts last a long time and they don't fall off the music stands like regular lightweight paper. Parts are paper taped together along the length of the back spine, accordion style.