Making your music readable!


99% of the people who've employed my services, have found me by recommendations from past clients and by seeing my name printed at the bottom of the charts that I've done. All of this work has been based on hourly rates & I've never had a complaint about the bill! 

To get an estimate, it is helpful to scan and email (or snail mail) a copy of your music so I can give a realistic estimate.

The hourly rate is $40 per hour and there is a discount for jobs that take over 10 hours. Hard copies have an extra printing cost to cover paper and ink of 12c per page.

Email me for more info and samples of the work I do.
Thanks for looking! 

Lisa Parrott - Pro Music Copying

"Whether you need your music transcribed or professionally prepared OR you want to learn how to “Do it Yourself,” Lisa Parrott (Pro Music Copying) is your go-to person to get your music right the first time… She’s musical, accurate, competitively priced and a joy."

- Dr Sherrie Maricle (drummer, band leader, Diva Jazz Orchestra)